Man with pending child abuse charge arrested in assault on relatives

John Elias Taylor III
John Elias Taylor III

A man arrested on a felony child abuse after he allegedly “butt-dialed” the child’s mother has been arrested again on assault charges.

Biloxi police arrested John Elias Taylor III, 28, on two counts of simple domestic assault on Sunday.

Taylor assaulted a female relative and pinned down a male relative who tried to intervene, Police Lt. Christopher De Back said. The victims, he said, are adults.

Police were called to a home on State Street, where Taylor apparently now lives, at 3:02 a.m. for a domestic disturbance, De Back said.

Taylor was arguing with the woman and it turned physical, and Taylor held the man on the floor until police arrived, De Back said.

Taylor was booked on misdemeanor charges at the Harrison County jail. The bonds total $2,000.

But once the bonding company that handled his release on the child abuse charge learned of his arrest, a bail agent surrendered Taylor’s bond, the jail docket shows.

Taylor had been free on a $50,000 bond. He will have to hire a different bondsman if he wants to post bail.

D’Iberville police had arrested Taylor on the child abuse charge June 12. He had mistakenly called the toddler’s mother and she heard the child begging him to not whip him, police said in a previous news report.

The child had bruises in places that shouldn’t have bruises, police said.