Update: Homeowner was out of town when two burglars moved in, police said

Branden Taylor Huber
Branden Taylor Huber

Two burglars made themselves at home — literally — in a rural residence while the homeowner was out of town working, a detective said.

Branden Taylor Huber, 20, and Christopher Leon Winkles, 19, were staying in the home when a neighbor noticed activity and called the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said.

“They fell asleep,” he said. “And we caught them.”

The homeowner has a second home where she works in Collins, but her Hancock County home is her primary residence, Grannan said.

“She works during the week and usually comes home on the weekend,” he said.

“She didn’t know them,” he said, of the burglars. “We believe they took some things while they were staying there. We’re doing a lot of leg work to recover what the homeowner reported stolen.”

It wasn’t clear how long the two men had been in the house.

“They’re not telling us anything,” Grannan said.

“All we know is they broke in and were sleeping on the couch.”

How the pair reportedly knew nobody was home was unclear.

Deputies arrested Huber and Collins on Saturday. Both were booked at the Hancock County jail on charges of residential burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia.

They each received bonds of $15,000 bond on the burglary charge and $500 bond on the misdemeanor.

Both remained in custody on Monday.