Stolen 18-wheeler loaded with backhoe found 360 miles from Gulfport

Malcolm Dedeaux Sr.
Malcolm Dedeaux Sr.

Editor’s note: Family members of Malcolm Dedeaux Sr. say he is not related to Malcolm Dedeaux Jr. An earlier version of this story stated otherwise.)

A DeLisle man who recently burglarized 18-wheelers is now accused of stealing one loaded with a backhoe, later found about 360 miles from Gulfport, officials said.

Malcolm Joseph Dedeaux Sr., 48, is back at the Harrison County jail on charges involving a stolen 18-wheeler.

Harrison County sheriff’s investigators had arrested Dedeaux on Aug. 23 on a burglary charge involving the break-in of an 18-wheeler at the Chevron station on Firetower, Lt. Coley Judy said.

“We believe he broke into more than one 18-wheeler,” Judy said.

Dedeaux was released from jail on bond Sept. 9 and his charge was turned over to a grand jury.

Gulfport police arrested him Monday on the new charges.

He is accused of breaking into a business in the 10200 block of Three Rivers Road on Sept. 27, stealing the keys to an 18-wheeler that had a backhoe on it and driving it away, Gulfport police Sgt. Joshua Bromen said.

The Talbotton, Georgia, Sheriff’s Department found the stolen items Oct. 4.

Dedeaux was arrested when he went to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department on a different matter, Bromen said.

The new charges are burglary, grand larceny and taking a motor vehicle.

Dedeaux’s bond on the new charges total $150,000.

But he can’t post bail. His bond from August has been revoked.

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