Sex offender who missed court was found — in jail

A sex offender convicted in the rape and sexual battery of a young teen who failed to appear in court on indicted charges was found jailed in a nearby county, records show.

Herman Lloyd Bigner III, 40, had been indicted in Harrison County on charges of failing to register as a sex offender and receiving stolen property.

“He bonded out and failed to show up for a hearing in Circuit Court,” Sheriff’s Detective Coley Judy said.

Bigner had been living on Mike Street in Biloxi, according to the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry.

He couldn’t be found, Judy said.

Bigner turned up in the Hancock County jail after a March 19 arrest in Hancock County.

Bigner was found in possession of meth and what appeared to be heroin, said Commander Jeremy Skinner of the Hancock County Narcotics Division. Bigner also was held for Pearl River County on a charge of possession of stolen property.

Bigner was incarcerated at the Hancock County jail about six months and was taken to the Harrison County jail Monday. He is held with no bond.

About the rape case

The sex offender conviction came from the sexual assaults of a girl who was between the ages of 14 to 17, a court document shows.

He held a knife to the girl’s throat and forced her to take off her clothes in his pickup truck in January 1999, according to testimony. The girl would later accuse Bigner of sexually assaulting her repeatedly in the cab and the bed of his truck.

Bigner, then 22, gave the girl 35 cents to use a pay phone at a gas station to call someone to pick her up, court papers show. He stood by her during the call to make sure she told no one of the assault and then left her in the parking lot.

He was convicted of sexual battery and statutory rape in 2002.