Street racer linked to meth sales, meth buys from homicide victim

Rhett Peters
Rhett Peters

A Pass Christian man who has appeared on a TV show about street racing has been selling meth from his mechanic shop and has named a recent homicide victim as one of his meth suppliers, an affidavit says.

Rhett Peters, 40, has made regular appearances on “Street Outlaws: New Orleans,” a Discovery Channel program on illegal street racing, according to a Homeland Security Investigations agent’s sworn statement.

Peters admitted selling large amounts of ice, meth’s purest form, from his mechanic shop on family property on Kiln-DeLisle Road in DeLisle, the agent said. Peters lives and works on race cars there.

He allegedly tossed a pill bottle containing 7 grams of meth into the woodline when Harrison County narcotics deputies and federal agents went to his home Sept. 21 for a search. Agents reported finding meth in his mechanic shop, a loaded AK-47 assault rifle in his Dodge Ram pickup truck and a .30-30 rifle in a closet in his home.

They also said they found a scale on his work bench with meth residue, a toiletry bag holding a small amount of meth, smoking pipes with meth residue and other paraphernalia on a stool in his shop.

Homicide victim and alleged dealer

Peters told investigators that recent homicide victim Norris Mueller had been his meth supplier from January until the time he was killed, the agent said.

Mueller was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in a double homicide July 30 in Bay St. Louis. Mueller’s estranged girlfriend also was shot to death and their baby girl was wounded.

Peters also identified Keon Hawkins, recently indicted on drug-trafficking charges, as his former supplier of cocaine, the agent said. Hawkins was arrested after he allegedly tried to buy 5 kilos of cocaine in exchange for $56,000 and nine pounds of meth.

Alleged drug buys planned

A felon with drug convictions, Peters sold meth four times in recent months to one or more confidential sources who were provided “drug-buy money,” the court document said.

In those incidents, he’s accused of selling an ounce of meth for $800 on April 21 and July 6; 2 ounces of meth for $1,600 on July 19; and 3.5 grams of meth for $175 on Sept. 15.

The HSI agent testified at Peters’ detention hearing Monday, records show.

Magistrate Judge Robert H. Walker denied bond, ruling Peters is a flight risk and a risk to the community.

Peters has served time for three convictions on transfer of cocaine — one count in 1996 and two counts in 2003, the judge wrote.

Walker ordered a grand jury review of the latest allegations.

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