Felon gets 22 years after bus trip to sell cocaine in Biloxi

Seneka DeAndre Williams
Seneka DeAndre Williams

A man who took a bus trip from Houston to Biloxi with his son and 1.1 kilos of cocaine hidden under a fitness-training body band has been sentenced to more than 22 years in prison.

But the prison term isn’t just for a conspiracy plea after Seneka DeAndre Williams told federal agents he’d delivered cocaine to Biloxi three other times.

U.S. District Sul Ozerden has also sentenced Williams, 39, on probation violations involving two other drug cases from different federal court divisions in Texas.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Biloxi police had arrested him, his son and another man April 18 after conducting surveillance once Williams and his son reached the Greyhound bus station in Biloxi.

Federal agents have said Williams’ son had wedged a bag of cocaine under a body band. A body band is a piece of gear worn by people who need a place to hold keys, a cellphone, credit cards and such while working out or running.

Prison terms to run consecutive

At the time of their arrests, Williams was on probation for multiple cocaine convictions from the Texarkana, Texas, division of U.S. District Court. He also was on probation in the Houston, Texas, division for having contraband —marijuana— while in prison for the cocaine convictions.

Ozerden gave Williams a 62-month prison term and a $5,000 fine earlier on a conspiracy plea involving the planned drug sale in Biloxi, court records show.

For violating two probation orders, the judge sentenced him to 24 months in prison on the contraband conviction and a total of 180 months for the four-count cocaine conviction.

Ozerden ordered each of the prison terms to be served concurrently in a hearing on Sept. 20.

Cash and a trash can

Longtime Jackson County resident Daylan Gardell Polk, 35, also has pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge. Polk is held for sentencing Nov. 17. He faces five to 40 years in prison.

Polk was arrested with Williams in the parking garage at the Hard Rock Casino Resort, where federal agents said they found Polk with a large amount of cash.

Williams told federal agents he and his son had planned to sell one kilo of cocaine for $31,000, an affidavit said.

Williams’ son, 21-year-old Jermaine Marquette McFadden Jr., was arrested after federal agents said he threw the bag of cocaine and the body band in a trash can in a one-stall bathroom at the Waffle House on Reynoir Street in Biloxi.

McFadden reportedly became spooked when he thought he was being followed, a document says. Marks found around McFadden’s stomach allegedly matched the shape of the body band and the bag of cocaine.

McFadden is free on bond. He is required to live with his mother in Houston pending resolution of his charges.

McFadden is set for trial on Ozerden’s court calendar that starts Nov. 17.