Stone County

Stone County teen with Asperger Syndrome, last seen with his Bible, found

Logan Ellis Asproudis
Logan Ellis Asproudis

A 16-year-old student with Asperger Syndrome who was reported missing was found Saturday morning, officials said.

According to Stone County Sheriff's Lt. Ray Boggs, Logan Ellis Asproudis was found about a mile or two away from his home at a nearby ballpark. His family took him to be checked. Logan said he was hungry and thirsty, but Boggs said he appears to be otherwise fine.

Asproudis was reported missing Friday, described as carrying a Bible and wearing his school uniform, a royal blue polo shirt, tan khaki pants and a blue Tom Cat hoodie.

Asproudis also has hyper-religiosity, a disorder in which a person has intense religious beliefs that can interfere with social functioning, Boggs said.

"He's not a bad kid," Boggs told the Sun Herald Friday, "although he was sent home from school once because he didn't want to do his work. He wanted to preach the gospel. He's not the type of kid who gets in trouble."

The teen lives on Wiggins Road with his mother, who reported he walked away from home about 1 p.m. Thursday.

Robin Fitzgerald contributed to this report.