Jackson County

Broomfield touts infrastructure, recreation projects in Moss Point


Special to the Sun Herald

MOSS POINT -- In Mayor Billy Broomfield’s State of the City on Thursday evening at Pelican Landing, he spoke about the significant accomplishments Moss Point has made.

“The state of the city is increasingly good,” he said before his address. “Over the last 12 months, the city of Moss Point has worked diligently to address and correct the negative images surrounding the city.”

Broomfield focused on the city’s financial stability, infrastructure, public safety, economic development and quality of life.

“Despite tough economic times,” he said, “the city has continued to maintain a balanced budget.

“More importantly, while we have stayed fiscally responsible, we have simultaneously invested in projects and initiatives to build a community here in Moss Point that strives to improve our city’s appearance, provide clean water and utilities, and further improve this great city we call home.”

“Public Works Department has been busy this year working with contractors to ensure the city’s roads, sewers and gas systems are in favorable condition,” he said. Residents have experienced poor drainage systems and uneven roads, but he said infrastructure work was 100 percent complete, and pledged residents would receive accurate gas and water bills.

Regarding public safety, he said, “all firefighters must obtain EMR certification.”

Broomfield said construction on the city’s new police station is set to begin, “and by December 2017, Moss Point will have a new state-of-the-art public-safety facility.”

The city also has undertaken a cleanup project, in hopes it will promote economic growth. He said a national grocery leader has placed Moss Point on its active consideration list, adding he hopes the city will have a grocery store in his administration.

The building department has issued more than 750 building permits, from upgrades to area fast-food chains to seven new single-family homes.

“The Parks and Recreational Department is working to bridge generational gaps and encourage community involvement through recreation to make Moss Point an even better place to live,” he said, with an eye toward bringing back festivals such as the River Front Jamboree and Christmas on the Riverfront.