Jackson County

3 good reasons to clear out your hazardous waste this weekend

 County workers and volunteers collect waste oil at a previous household hazardous waste day in Jackson County.
JACKSON COUNTY County workers and volunteers collect waste oil at a previous household hazardous waste day in Jackson County.

GAUTIER -- First, it's Earth Day.

So what better way to protect the environment and celebrate Earth Day than to plan now to deliver half-empty paint cans, waste oil and gasoline that's contaminated to the old Singing River Mall site on Saturday.

From 8 a.m. to noon, more than 100 volunteers and county workers will take this junk from people bringing it in. Last year, more than 100 cars were lined up before the collection started. County spokeswoman Nicole Grundel reported that 1,000 cars dropped off.

Second, you're paying for it anyway, through your state and local tax dollars. The MDEQ and Jackson County partner to bring the service to anyone who wants to use it. They hire a contractor to haul it off, because it can't go in the county landfill and garbage trucks won't take it. It's your dime, take advantage of it.

Third, it's good for your health and your soul to clear this stuff out of your living space.

"Proper disposal of these chemicals and products is important," said Ronda Powell, county solid waste director.

Also, it's safer.

Earl Etheridge, county emergency management coordinator, said old motor oil, gas kept around the house for lawn mowers or boats and is no longer good because it has water in it and out-of-date or discontinued lawn chemicals "can hurt you and the kids or the grandkids."

Bring it in, he said.


* Rain or shine, the collection day will be held outside at the southeast corner of the Singing River Mall's front parking lot.

* Residents are asked to leave products in their original containers, making sure they are sealed.

* Containers should be transported in the trunk or back of a vehicle away from passengers. Potential volunteers are asked to call the Solid Waste Department, 872-8340.

Also of note:

No more than five tires per car.

No explosives, radioactive material, medical or business waste, household garbage or electronic material.

Here's what they do take:

Aerosols, all purpose cleaners, ammonia, anti-freeze, car cleaners, batteries, brake fluid, lighter fluid, bleach, detergents, disinfectants, drain opener, herbicides, insecticides, mothballs, oven cleaner, paint thinner, pesticides, pool chemicals, rat poisons, rubber cement, silver polish, transmission fluid, turpentine, varnish, water seal.