Jackson County

Update: Ocean Springs man missing from SXSW festival since Friday

 Jason Ratcliff

An Ocean Springs man who traveled to Austin, Texas, for the SXSW Music Festival has been reported missing.

Jason Joel Ratcliff, 27, who goes by the name "Jason," was last seen Friday night in the Red River neighborhood where the festival takes place.

"We last heard from him on Thursday," Jason's father Larry Ratcliff said. "He met up with some people from the area who were going to Austin and caught a ride with them."

Jason Ratcliff decided to go to Austin at the last minute, said Kyle Hopper, a friend of his brother, Jeff Ratcliff. Jason Ratcliff was supposed to have been staying at Hopper's house.

"We knew a couple of guys from the Coast were coming to stay with us," Hopper said. "Jason decided he was going to go and they asked if he could stay with us and we both knew of him, so my roommate and I said it was cool."

Hopper said Jason Ratcliff and his travel companions showed up early Friday morning.

"I work nights, so I really didn't think anything of it when I didn't see Jason on Saturday," he said. "But when he didn't show up Sunday and I saw that his phone and clothes were still there, I thought that was weird.

He said he called Jeff Ratcliff and then called the Austin Police Department and filed a missing person's report.

"I called all of the jails myself and I couldn't find him," Hopper said.

Both Hopper and Larry Ratcliff are staying in touch with the detective.

"I've talked with a detective in Austin several times and she told me that she had swept the morgues and the jails and Jason was not at either one, so she said that's a good thing and for us to be hopeful," he said.

Jason Ratcliff is 6-foot-1 and he weighs about 170 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a beard.

"He has the biggest smile," Larry Ratcliff said.

Anyone who has any information regarding Jason Ratcliff's whereabouts is asked to call the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-5227.