Jackson County

McKenzie abrupty escorted out of court after conviction

Rodney Phillip McKenzie was abruptly escorted out of the courtroom this afternoon after he told Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs "F...k why I'm here" shortly after being sentenced to life without parole in the August 2010 killing of Johnny M. Bullock.

McKenzie, 20, was shaking his head and staring the judge down after a jury convicted him of capital murder.

"You can try to stare this old man down all you want," Krebs said, "but ..you took (another man's) life."

That's when McKenzie shouted the profanity in open court.

Baliffs abrupty escorted McKenzie out of court.

McKenzie, 20, and Daniel Lamont Hatten, 31, were charged with capital murder in the Aug. 10, 2010, killing in what prosecutors called a prescription pain pill robbery gone bad.

McKenzie's mother was openly weeping, saying "that's my baby, that's my baby" before the family left the courtroom.

Just prior to the sentencing, Bullock's son, Matt Bullock, told McKenzie his family had forgiven him for what he'd done.

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