Jackson County

Gautier officials tell supervisors of planned medical center near I-10

Gautier officials told the Jackson County Board of Supervisors this morning that a large tract of land near Interstate 10 has been sold to a group that intends to build a four-story medical complex that already has 13 doctors committed to move in.

Gautier Mayor Tommy Fortenberry and Economic Development Director Samantha Abell brought the information to the board in hopes of getting the county to help pave and improve Allen Road, where the complex will sit. Allen Road is on the northeast corner of I-10 and Mississippi 57 and within the city limits of Gautier.

Abell said the deal for the land was struck today. Gautier officials said that the group building the complex hoped to also attract patients outside of Jackson County by locating the building along the I-10 corridor.

Supervisor John McKay told the mayor, "We'll work with you every way we can to help."

The project was compared with the Cedar Lake Medical Complex in Harrison County, which sits adjacent to I-10 The cost of the improvements to Allen Road is expected to be about $350,000. The city also said will seek funding for road improvements from the state.

Also, at the end of Allen Road is a thriving plastics business which is expected to increase employment and business considerably this year, adding to the need for improvements to the road.

"With that company increasing their employment by 80 jobs, plus the medical center, we need to find a way to help," McKay said. The supervisors told Fortenberry they hoped to have an answer for him within two weeks.

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