Jackson County

Pascagoula names Kell's successor as city manager

Pascagoula announced today it has hired Joe Huffman of Goldsboro, N.C., a man with 21 years of experience, as its city manager.

Huffman, 50, will replace Kay Kell, the popular city manager, who retired last year. Huffman has held similar positions in four cities in North Carolina before making the move here.

Pascagoula interviewed more than 75 candidates, narrowed it to two and on Tuesday night in executive session, voted unanimously to offer the job to Huffman, who accepted Wednesday.

His salary will be $114,000. Huffman is coming from Goldsboro, a city of 40,000 and managed 500 employees. Pascagoula has 212 employees serving a population of 23,692.

When asked why he wanted to make the move, he said he has 30 years in the public sector in North Carolina and maxed out his retirement potential in that state, according to city officials.

"He's retiring and looking for a new start. he's young and has years of experience and lots of time left," said Bruce Knott, human resource director for Pascagoula. "He fell in love with our city and its potential."

Knott said Huffman indicated he was glad to be following in Kell's footsteps because "she has set the city up for success."

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