Jackson County

The legend of Pascagoula’s alien abduction now has a permanent spot in the city

More than 45 years ago, two Mississippi Coast men, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, claimed they were abducted and examined by aliens in a UFO and returned to the banks of the Pascagoula River that same night.

The story reached the press the next day, in October 1973, and soon brought national attention to Pascagoula.

The city now has a permanent reminder of the extraterrestrial tale after officials on Saturday dedicated a historical marker next to the Lighthouse Park boat launches. The plaque describes the account and notes it is one of the best-documented cases of an alien abduction, with two witnesses.

The two men were fishing after work October 11, 1973, and were preparing to leave when they saw “heavy blue lights,” which they said appeared to be from a large, oval-shaped craft.

The Sun Herald revisited the South Mississippi mystery last year for the 45th anniversary with local law enforcement, reporters and Parker, who had written a book detailing his experience.

Hickson, who began telling his story right away and traveled the country describing that October night, died in 2011.

Alyssa Newton is an award-winning multimedia journalist with a background in television, radio and print. She’s originally from Dothan, Alabama and has a journalism degree from the University of South Alabama in Mobile. Her passion lies in storytelling, news, sports and a strong espresso.