Jackson County

Lapointe-Krebs House receives large amount of funding from the state to complete renovations

The oldest house in Mississippi has received the funded needed to complete renovations.

The Lapointe-Krebs House and Museum in Pascagoula will receive $1 million from the state. A funding bill signed by Gov. Phil Bryant on April 18 will help the Lapointe-Krebs House and Museum complete phase two of its renovation.

With the state money, a special $140,000 grant from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and leftover money from previous renovations, they hope to get started on the new projects right away.

“We hope to have everything finished as soon as possible” said Liz Ford, president of the Lapointe-Krebs Foundation. “We want people to come by because we have an award winning museum and it’s full of history.”

She says the funding for the new projects is right on time.

“The signing of the bill comes just in time for the 305th birthday of Hugo Krebs. We’ll be celebrating his life and what’s to come for us on May 14th,” Ford said.

Phase two includes removing some of the elements from previous restorations, upgrading windows and doors, replacing the roof and chimney and restoring the house to its earlier appearance.

They also want to restore the galleries to their 19th century look and fix damage by a termite infestation after Hurricane Katrina.

Phase one of the renovations were completed in 2016.

Once phase two is complete, the goal is to get the house registered as a National Historic Landmark and adopted by the federal government for its historical significance.

They’re hoping to complete all of the projects by 2021.

“We just truly appreciate the help of the MDAH, our local representatives and senators, and the entire community for making this possible,” Ford said.