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A group of teens, a dead pet and Snapchat: What really happened to Coast woman’s cat?

A family wants answers and police are looking for witnesses after an Ocean Springs woman’s dead cat was the subject of a graphic video posted Tuesday to Snapchat.

An Ocean Springs animal control officer has taken over the case after a police report was filed by the 88-year-old woman’s granddaughter on Wednesday, said Ocean Springs police Capt. William “Chuck” Jackson.

What police do know is that the cat was somehow killed Tuesday night. The animal’s face was bloody and was laying lifeless on a neighborhood street off Halstead Road, said police Detective Adam Carter.

Carter said a juvenile boy approached the cat owner’s daughter and walked with her out to the road, saying he and a group of his friends found the cat dead in the roadway.

Then the Snapchat video appeared.

The video was filmed by a group of teen boys, some of whom could be over 18, Carter said. The boys are heard laughing in the video as the person filming zoomed in on the cat’s bloody face. The hashtag #proudcatowner accompanied the video.

The boy who reported the death to the owner’s family went back to the home with his mother, who was upset her son was involved in the making of the video. The mother told the family the boy was “guilty by association,” Carter said.

The boy says the cat was already dead when the teens found it in the street. Carter said all of the boys involved have said the same thing.

Right now, Carter said, “We have no way to prove otherwise.”

Brittany Nicole Palmer, granddaughter of the cat owner, posted the Snapchat videos on a Facebook post that has gone viral. The Sun Herald will not share the post because of the graphic nature of the post. The Sun Herald also does not post names of juveniles in alleged criminal cases.

“Those boys killed our Nonna’s cat ON PURPOSE then had the audacity to hug my mom after they did what they did.... I’m sick to my stomach,” Palmer posted on Facebook.

Carter said the animal control officer is canvasing the neighborhood, looking for witnesses.

“There’s not enough proof to convict anybody. If we can get somebody to come forward with more information, then we can move forward,” Carter said.

The boy who alerted the family to the cat’s death volunteered to help the owner with anything she may need.

“She loved this cat very much. It was a family member to her,” Carter said. “Her main concern was that she’s hoping that it’s not out of meanness, that it was just an accident.”