Jackson County

'Stay the hell out of this beautiful city,' OS mayor tells 'racist cowards' with flyers

The Mississippi state flag flies with the U.S. flag outside Ocean Springs City Hall.
The Mississippi state flag flies with the U.S. flag outside Ocean Springs City Hall. Sun Herald file

The mayor of Ocean Springs on Friday called out the "racist cowards" that left flyers at homes throughout the city overnight.

"Whoever is responsible for distributing this hate needs to stay the hell out of our beautiful city," Mayor Shea Dobson said in a text. "Anyone who buys into this idea of racial purity is an absolute fool and blinded by hate. News flash: My family tree isn't all white so if you racists want to hate someone, hate me.

"Ocean Springs residents are loving and compassionate and will not buy into some idiots who only want to stir the pot."

Dobson said he was asking people to check surveillance video to help Ocean Springs police identify the people who left the flyers.

The flyers, addressed to "All white people of Ocean Springs," rails at nonwhites, communists (liberals, leftist and homosexuals) and warns diversity is a threat.

"Taking down the state flag is just the beginning," it reads. "There is no end to this — until you are dead. If you are white, you are the enemy."

Ocean Springs has been embroiled in a dispute over the flag since the new administration took office last year. Dobson first put up the flag at City Hall, then took it down after complaints. Then the City Council voted to require it to be flown on all city buildings.

Mississippi Rising Coalition has been pressing the city to take the flag down because it contains the Confederate Battle Flag in its canton.

The Ku Klux Klan has been criticizing MRC and the media in videos and Facebook posts tinged with racial hatred. Members of MRC photographed the flyers, posted them on Facebook and shared them across social media.