Jackson County

Coast activist has a message for the KKK after they sent her a 'threatening' video

The head of an activist group that wants to see the Mississippi state flag removed has a message for the Ku Klux Klan.

"To the Klan and its allies, we will not be intimidated by your actions," said Mississippi Rising Coalition president Lea Campbell.

Campbell held a news conference on the grounds of City Hall in Ocean Springs on Wednesday morning to denounce a video that she said was emailed to her by a member of the United Dixie White Knights, a chapter of the Klan.

The video has been removed from the UDWK's YouTube channel.

"The message states, 'We want you to know that we are tired of your liberal, homosexual, anti-Biblical principals you're spreading. The boys are back and we're not backing down. Call us bigots if you want, but we win in the end,'" Campbell said.

She said the video, which mentioned both Campbell and MRC by name, was careful in its wording to keep its message vague.

"The Klan has learned over the years what they can and can't say and what words to avoid so that there aren't any legal consequences, so I'm sure their words were carefully crafted to avoid legal consequences for this particular video, but it's quite clear they meant to send a message of intimidation."

MRC board member TNathan Fairley stood beside Campbell during the media conference.

"By saying this is not a threat after the language they used in the video, it would be absurd to think they are not threatening — they are the United Dixie White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, then take a moment to look at the 581 individuals that have been lynched in this state since the existence of the Klan and what they support," he said.

"So, yes, we see this as a threat, but we are not our grandparents — we will not lie idly by while the Klan runs over us."