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New business in Gautier? Real estate company is clearing the way

More speculation on what’s coming

A company clears 23 acres on the Gautier side of Mississippi 57 at U.S. 90.
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A company clears 23 acres on the Gautier side of Mississippi 57 at U.S. 90.

When a real estate partnership out of Vicksburg cleared 12 acres at the busy corner of U.S. 90 and Mississippi 57 in Ocean Springs, aldermen’s phones lit up with people speculating on what wonderful big box store might be coming.

Well the same company cleared 23 acres on the Gautier side of the intersection. And the news is the same:

“We really have nobody coming,” said Mart Windham with Waring Oil, part of the real estate partnership. “We opened this up because we feel that in the future, something will be there.”

Windham pointed out how great the location is — Ocean Springs High School is just blocks away and $200,000 to $350,000 homes are springing all around, south of U.S. 90.

In the meantime, hundreds of drivers pass the location and wonder. It’s hard not to notice that many acres of trees cleared.

Ocean Springs Alderman Mike Impey said he had more calls about that cleared corner than anything in his tenure in office.

People were dreaming on Facebook — Publix, Chick-fil-A, Cracker Barrel?

“Everybody’s speculating,” Windham said. “Hey, I’d love for a Costco to come there. I live in Ocean Springs.”

The discussion in the media has stirred some interest, he said. He’s gotten at least 50 calls.

The company he works with bought the property years ago when it built the convenience store on the southeast corner of where the highways intersect. It’s now a Circle K. The company bought the property on the Ocean Springs side to make sure there would be no competition, or perhaps build another store that never materialized.

“It’s a great intersection for Jackson County,” Windham said.

“We just want to get it cleaned and keep it mowed — make it marketable — and eventually something will come there,” he said.

“If those corners develop, it would be great for Gautier and Ocean Springs. The cities need the tax base — retail development in our towns to help us with our taxes.”