Jackson County

CEO Kevin Holland to leave Singing River Health System

Singing River Health System chief Kevin Holland is leaving the hospital.
Singing River Health System chief Kevin Holland is leaving the hospital. SUN HERALD

Singing River Health System CEO Kevin Holland — after a long and late executive session with the Board of Trustees on Wednesday — called a mandatory meeting with all of his top managers at his church in Ocean Springs on Thursday.

He announced he will give up the helm of the county’s hospital system.

His announcement comes at a time when the Jackson County Board of Supervisors is actively looking for a turn-around firm the county hopes to hire to get the hospital system on solid financial footing going forward.

Singing River’s two hospitals are the only hospitals in Jackson County. They are county-owned and employ 2,700, making SRHS the second largest employer in the county.

CEO is a job that Holland has held for more than three years, during a time when he had to announce the hospital was in financial trouble and the employees’ pension was failing.

He will leave Oct. 31.

Early afternoon Thursday, Holland announced his departure in a memo to doctors and staff.

Holland agreed to CEO in the wake of Chis Anderson, who left for Baptist Hospital in Jackson in early 2014.

At about the same time, the health system acknowledged and began addressing significant financial issues related to a large audit adjustment, then subsequently revealed it had not been making contributions to its pension plan.

Holland has been with the hospital system for 20 years, in many leadership positions, from director of business development to CEO.

“I will remain forever grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in partnership with each of you,” he said in a statement released to the media. “We have faced many challenges together, always guided by an unwavering commitment to our mission of improving health and saving lives.”

Holland said he and his leadership team have achieved a turnaround in the hospital system’s finances. He announced last year that it was operating with adequate cash on hand and making strides.

He said he achieved the “significant financial turnaround without ever compromising the hallmark of our organization, our exceptional clinical quality.”

Jeffery Belk, president of the health system’s Board of Trustees, thanked Holland for his leadership and service to the organization during a critical time.

“Under Kevin’s leadership, we’ve seen a much-needed stabilizing of our finances, growth in our operations and excellent clinical quality delivered by our medical staff and employees. We’re grateful for his dedication and service and wish him and his family all the best.”