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Ride ‘em downtown. Pascagoula is looking at allowing the use of golf carts.

Golf carts
Golf carts Sun Herald file

Pascagoula prides itself on being a recreation community, and golf carts might enhance that image.

The city got local and private legislation last session of the Legislature — with the help of Rep. Charles Busby — that will allow carts on city streets, and the current City Council has drawn up an ordinance.

The carts are another way to get people out of their cars and into their neighborhoods. They allow people to stop and talk with friends along the way, supporters say.

The Economic Development department hopes people will use them to make their way downtown and take advantage of the amenities.

The Recreation Department sees it as a positive impact on city recreation.

Pascagoula’s mayor and council will consider the ordinance on Sept. 5.

Mayor Dane Maxwell says he’s excited about it and envisions them being used for events and festivals. And Pascagoula has a lot of festivals.

Golf carts are to stay off of highways and major arteries and stick to the streets with a 25 mph speed limit when possible.

They are not to be driven over 25 mph, and must be equipped with a parking brake, headlamps, tail lamps, seat belts and front and rear turn signals.

Pascagoula police will enforce the rules of the road.

According to the deputy city clerk in Diamondhead, golf carts are working well there. Diamondhead has 865 registered. Other Coast cities are seeking the same special legislation.

In Pascagoula:

▪  Golf carts may not be operated on the highway, principal arteries or minor arteries as defined by the city, except for the crossing them in the shortest traveling distance.

▪  Drivers must keep to the outside lane of multi-lane streets.

▪  Drivers must have in their possession a valid driver’s license or temporary driver’s permit and proof of insurance, as required by state law.

The ordinance would go into effect 30 days after its adoption.