Jackson County

Nessie? Pascagoula man spots a monster of legend in Lake Yazoo

Bud Ehlert first saw it 200 yards off his deck on Pascagoula’s Lake Yazoo at the Inner Harbor.

He took a picture.

Legends are made from less.

This one is the Loch Ness Monster of Pascagoula’s Lake Yazoo.

Some say she came down the Pascagoula River. Others believe she came from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

All Bud knows is that more than a month ago, she appeared to be watching him from the lake.

Then just as quickly, she was gone. Now she’s on the other side of the lake.

Or is this a different monster?

“My family already thinks I’m crazy,” he said with a wry smile. Crazy for fun.

In all fairness to Bud, these are monsters, monstrous dead trees called snags that have maneuvered themselves into the lake along the Inner Harbor, likely on the high water Tropical Storm Cindy brought to the Coast last month — down the river, up the channel and into here.

“These have been hazardous times,” said neighbor Bruce Grimes, who recently navigated the river in his skiff seeing other trees the flooding upriver has unleashed.

Bud’s home is one of eight on a tree-draped circle of large homes along the lake. Even at midday, the yards are shady and soggy from the recent heavy rains. Huge oaks grow so low they touch the water.

The perfect place for a mystery.

It looks like a serpent — head and neck coming out of the water, with the body behind.

Bud and Bruce take the skiff out.

On closer inspection, she has bumps that look like bulging eyes and stump-like flippers on her body.

“Look, she’s swimming away.”

She looks different from every angle. Each time she moves, she transforms.