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Pascagoula millennial will be ‘Glo’-ing at Academy Awards

Kaylie Mitchell and Hayden Walker will be taking their product, Glo, to the Academy Awards.
Kaylie Mitchell and Hayden Walker will be taking their product, Glo, to the Academy Awards.

A year ago, Pascagoula native Kaylie Mitchell was hustling to promote a product she’d invented with Hagan Walker while preparing for a December graduation with a degree in graphic design at Mississippi State University.

Mitchell is still hustling, but her product, Glo, which illuminates beverages, is taking off — so much, in fact, that Mitchell is making final plans to take her brainchild to Los Angeles on Feb. 26.

“Glo is going to be featured in a celebrity party suite for the Academy Awards,” she said. “We are very excited about this.”

Mitchell, a graduate of Pascagoula High School, said she and Walker were approached about doing the gift suite, but needed to raise some additional money to help support the trip.

“We set up a GoFundMe account and raised enough money to help cover some of our expenses,” she said.

With the funding in place, Mitchell said she set out to find a brand with whom she could team up to get maximum exposure for Glo.

“We partnered with Radouga Distilleries of Canada — they make Provincial Vodka,” she said. “This is a perfect match for us and it’s a great opportunity.”

Mitchell is the latest resident from the Coast to have her products at the Oscars. In 2016, barbecue sauce maker James Lee and Ocean Springs natural skin products maker Vanessa Muller had their products in gift suites.

If you were wondering how many Glo units Mitchell is taking to the Academy Awards, the answer is many.

“We’re going to be in every drink Provincial serves, so we’re going to have 500 units for the party suite and we’re also taking some extras to give away at meetings,” she said.

An admitted movie fan, Mitchell said she has high hopes to meet a certain star.

“I would love to meet Emma Watson — not so much because I’m a ‘Harry Potter’ fan but because I think she has her head on straight,” she said. “But she’s probably going to be too busy promoting ‘Beauty and The Beast’ to have time for me to meet her.”