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Resurrection juniors search Sunday for clues to missing classmate

Dawson Hellar, 17, is missing after he left his car at Resurrection Catholic High School late Friday.
Dawson Hellar, 17, is missing after he left his car at Resurrection Catholic High School late Friday. Pascagoula Police Department

Most of the junior class at Resurrection Catholic High School came together Sunday night to search the grounds of the school for any clues to the disappearance of Dawson Hellar, 17.

Hellar was last seen leaving the campus late Friday, after he had uploaded his game footage from Resurrection’s homecoming game that night. The coaches were there and his mother was also on campus when he left at about 10:30 p.m. Friday. He did not leave with his mother. He was wearing blue jeans and a green hoodie with lettering on it.

He didn’t come home, and his mother reported him missing to police on Saturday. Police told the Sun Herald that they found his car still on campus at Resurrection, which is in downtown Pascagoula, across the street from the county courthouse and city hall.

Police Capt. Shannon Broome said there was a note in his car and they are treating the case as a runaway. He said Sunday, they do not believe Hellar was abducted. Investigators did, however, say they don’t understand why he left his car. They listed Hellar on social media over the weekend.

Resurrection High School Principal Noah Hamilton said the school shared the police report on social media and by Monday, it had already gotten between 600 and 700 shares.

“It reached 24,000 people,” Hamilton said. “The message is getting out there. It’s just up to people to report if they see him.”

Hamilton said they don’t know the range of the area where he might be. He said they hope to get the word out along the Coast and into central Mississippi.

The students, about 35, who came to the campus on Sunday, “prayed and went out and did a general search of the area,” Hamilton said. They also checked with downtown business owners to see if security cameras might have picked up Hellar or anything from the campus late Friday or Saturday. Hamilton said they don’t believe security cameras were any help.

“We just wanted to get together and see if anything stuck out, if there was anything they might have missed,” Hamilton said.

Hellar was a regular high school student, Hamilton said. He had been video-taping the football games and working with the coaches for two years and was proud of the work, he said.

“He was not totally out-going. He was quiet, but he had his own group of friends,” Hamilton said. He played Linus in the last school play, “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown,” he said. “He really stood out. He was funny. It was good stuff.”

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Hellar is asked to contact Pascagoula police at 762-2211.

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