Jackson County

Moss Point police chief chooses to resign

Police Chief Art McClung officially resigned Tuesday night.

He was relieved of his duties last week in the wake of a scandal involving a July 29 traffic stop in Pascagoula, when police clocked him going more than 100 mph. McClung told officers he had drunk three vodkas. On a police video, officers can be heard saying things like, “He’s obviously DUI,” and “He’s toast. He knows it, too.”

Pascagoula Police Chief Kenny Johnson made the decision to have patrol officers drive McClung home after the traffic stop and Pascagoula City Manager Joe Huffman later reviewed and supported the decision.

The Sun Herald learned about the traffic stop, but had to file a public-records request to get confirmation and the video shot by police cameras. After that was made public, Moss Point aldermen suspended McClung, even though he said he had the mayor’s support.

Last week, Moss Point aldermen voted to end his employment and gave him seven days to resign or be fired.

Alderman Wayne Lennep described the situation as sad, and said, “I think it was an unwanted situation for everyone, but I hope it gives both the former chief and the city some closure and a chance to put this behind us and move on.”

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