Harrison County

Negotiations with armed man ends with offer of help, police say

Negotiations with a man who pulled out a gun and threatened to use it on himself ended peacefully when the man surrendered, Police Chief Tim Hendricks said.

The man was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation Tuesday night, Hendricks said.

Police were called to Hiern Avenue before 10 p.m. Tuesday in response to an argument in the yard of a residence.

When officers arrived, a man pulled out a gun, but acted as if he intended to shoot himself, not police, Hendricks said.

Long Beach police and Harrison County deputies arrived as backup.

“Officers talked him down and he was transported to a hospital to get a mental evaluation and possible mental health treatment,” Hendricks said.

“He is where he needs to be, getting an evaluation for possible help. He seems to have a lot of issues and needs help. There’s no need to put someone in jail just because they need help.”

Hendricks said it’s likely the man won’t be arrested.

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