Harrison County

Hosemann to talk about Deer Island access with Biloxi Council (Updated 2:30 p.m.)

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is speaking at the Biloxi Council meeting today to address public access to Deer Island.

The state bought all but 17 acres of the island and the final $1 million payment of the $10 million purchase price will be paid by next year. Hosemann said the state has made offers to the remaining private owners to buy those 17 acres but no deals have been struck.

Two of the offers already have been rejected, he said.

Hosemann also said he's interested in a shuttle service that would take Coast residents and visitors to the island, similar to what is available at Ship Island, but Hosemann said no concessions or amenities would be available on the island.

It would be solely an ecological experience, Hosemann said.

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