Harrison County

Biloxi man charged with domestic, felony asault

Biloxi Police reported this morning that a Biloxi man has been charged with domestic assault and felony assault as a result of an incident last week.

On Thursday, Biloxi Police received a call reporting a domestic assault at a residence on MacArthur Avenue.

A 15-year-old said her mother's boyfriend had punched her mother in the face and that even though he had left the house, he was still threatening harm.

Biloxi police arrived and found Albert Deshaun Armstead in the street. He failed to comply to commands to surrender and became aggressive toward officers. Police attempted to subdue with chemical spray but it had no effect and he fled.

Officers gave multiple warnings before using a Taser, which also had no effect on Armstead. Police continued to pursue Armstead, who attacked an officer when confronted at an office building on Big Lake Road. Armstead attempted to grab the officer's handgun. Additional officers arrived on scene and helped subdue Armstead, who was taken to Biloxi Regional Hospital.

Armstead was released from the hospital on Sunday and arrested on the charges. He is at the Harrison County jail on $100,000 bond set by Judge Albert Fountain. He is awaiting an initial appearance in court.