Harrison County

Where is Jojo? Kangaroo on the loose after hopping away from Gulfport school

Have you seen a kangaroo in Gulfport?

One is missing. Seriously.

Cody Breland of Wild Acres mobile zoo and party service in McHenry was showing his animals to children at Pass Road Elementary School when Jojo was spooked and ran away about 10 a.m. Wednesday. The school is at Washington Avenue and Pass Road.

The Gulfport Police Department has issued what we can only surmise is a rare, if not the first, BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for a kangaroo.

Breland said Jojo, a red kangaroo, is only a year old and about 3 feet tall.

He is hoping Jojo might run into someone’s yard and they can close a gate on the marsupial, keep him fenced in and call the Police Department at 228-868-5959 or Breland at 323-326-4015.

Missing kangaroo.png
Jojo the kangaroo, missing in Gulfport, is about 3 feet tall. Don’t try to catch him!

“Tell people not to chase him,” Breland said. “He will spook. He’s very skittish.”

Plus, kangaroos hop fast. Breland says you won’t be able to catch Jojo. Gulfport animal control is equipped t to round up Jojo once, and if, he’s spotted.