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This Gulfport High graduate ‘saved the day’ during the Super Bowl. Dilly! Dilly!

Being in a commercial that airs during the Super Bowl has become a common occurrence for former Gulfport resident Johnny Sneed.

But none were as high-profile as the one that aired Sunday night, which happened to be his third Super Bowl spot.

You may not have recognized Sneed, but the spot was recognizable because of two words: “Dilly Dilly.”

Sneed portrayed “The Bud Knight” in the latest in the medieval-themed “Dilly Dilly” series from Bud Light. And while his face was hidden behind a mask, the gracious Bud Knight saved the day and quenched the thirst of many medieval revelers.

“That was the biggest commercial I’ve done — but you can’t see my face,” Sneed said in a phone interview with the Sun Herald from his home in Los Angeles. “But we had a great time doing it — it was filmed in New Zealand in the area where they made the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movies.”

The Bud Light ad is the latest addition to the resume of Sneed, who grew up in Gulfport and graduated from Gulfport High School in 1987.

“I went to the University of Texas then came back to Mississippi and I graduated from the law school at Ole Miss and I practiced law in Gulfport for about a year before I moved to Dallas.”

Sneed said it was in Dallas that he discovered his passion for acting.

“I took some acting classes in Dallas while I was waiting tables and landed a few roles, and I decided to pursue acting and I moved to Los Angeles,” he said.

Sneed, who is also a drummer, was able to mix his love for music and acting in the Brian Wilson biopic “Love and Mercy.”

“I got to play Hal Blaine, the drummer for the famed Wrecking Crew, in ‘Love and Mercy’ and it was my favorite thing that I’ve done,” he said. “Everyone involved with the film was a huge Brain Wilson fan — it was great.”

He is also one of the people responsible for helping launch the political career of Leslie Knope.

“I had a re-occurring role for six episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and it was blast to work with Amy Poehler and that cast,” he said. “I actually got a little sad when I knew the role was going to end.”

Sneed said his curiosity for acting started in South Mississippi.

“I acted in a bunch of plays at Center Stage when it used to be on Cowan Road,” he said. “My dad, John ‘Shorty’ Sneed still acts in Chuck White’s productions; in fact, he’s playing Big Daddy in ‘Cat On a Hot Tin Roof,’ which opens Feb. 22.”

Although Sneed said he’s not certain the Bud Knight is going to become this year’s Spuds Mackenzie, he said there may be more appearances form the knight in the future.

But what about this “Dilly! Dilly!” business?

“Man, I don’t know what it means,” Sneed said. “But I do know it’s one letter away from being ‘silly silly.’”