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Her son lost a leg in a pit bull attack, but another Mississippian just lost her life

A Neshoba County woman has died from injuries she suffered in a pit bull attack, the sheriff confirmed to WTOK television station in Meridian.

Connie Storey, 61, had been hospitalized and was fighting to survive the injuries, friends and family have posted on Facebook. She died Wednesday morning, Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

A pit bull owned by a family member attacked Storey on Sept. 8, WTOK reported.

Tiffany Ronsonet, a Biloxi mother whose own son was maimed by a pit bull, saw the news of Storey’s death and shared the story on Facebook, as did an organization that tracks pit bull attacks.

Ronsonet said she feels fortunate that her own sons, Jaxon, 16, and Bentley Ronsonet, 5, survived a pit bull attack in November.

Jaxon intervened after a pit bull at a neighbor’s house attacked Bentley in the neighbor’s front yard.

“I feel like Jaxon was very lucky and God was with him that day,” Ronsonet said Thursday. “I personally witnessed the mauling . . . I believe that dog would have killed my little one. It very nearly killed Jaxon.”

Jaxon’s left leg had to be amputated after the attack. The Biloxi High School 10th-grader is still getting around in a wheelchair as he tries to become accustomed to a prosthetic leg.

“We’re working on getting it to where it’s comfortable enough to proceed with the prosthetic,” Ronsonet said. “It makes me happy to see him want to put the leg on and want to do the work.”

“He still struggles with the pain.”

She said her son also suffers from night terrors and always sleeps with a light on.

Ronsonet said she follows news of pit bull attacks, in this country and others.

“It’s made me very aware of these pit bulls,” she said. “I’m very aware of my surroundings wherever I go, like when I take my kids to the park. I’m always on the lookout for pit-bull dogs.”

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