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Biloxi firefighter heard whimpering in the middle of a house fire and found 4 pups

Four puppies pulled from a house fire Monday were revived by Biloxi firefighters.
Four puppies pulled from a house fire Monday were revived by Biloxi firefighters.

A Biloxi firefighter heard something that sounded like whimpering puppies when he entered a burning home and found four pups inside a cage, some of them in distress.

The call came into the firefighters at around 5:30 p.m. Monday and flames and smoke were visible when firefighters responded to the house on Crawford Street.

Captain Otto Vuyovich conducted the primary search of the home.

“We were venting the structure for smoke and I heard the puppies,” Vuyovich said. “I immediately pulled out the cage and one was moving while the other three seemed to be passed out.”

Firefighter James Landry began caring for the four puppies of unknown breed that were suffering from smoke inhalation and were nearly lifeless.

“When I opened the cage, one pup actually walked out and another soon followed,” he said. “But two were visibly in distress.”

Landry, along with Biloxi Police Officer Brian Wallace, administered oxygen to two pups for about 15 minutes before they regained consciousness and begin breathing on their own.

No other injuries were reported and it took 19 firefighters about 10 to 15 minutes to bring the fire under control. Biloxi Fire Department is investigating the cause.

Fire Chief Joe Boney said they saw no evidence of a mother dog in the house. The owner agreed to release the dogs because she was not able to pay medical bills.

“The animals are going to the Humane Society at her request,” he said.

For information on the puppies, contact the Humane Society of South Mississippi at 228-863-3354 or the organization’s website.