Harrison County

A naked boy and his dog bolt out the door, and mom calls police

A mother called Biloxi police when her 2-year-old son disappeared from their home with the family dog, and was “ecstatic” that officers soon found them, police Lt. Milton Houseman said.

The child had been playing with the dog in the home on Floyd Drive. The neighborhood is between Jim Money Road and Greenwood Drive on the north side of Pass Road.

“The dog bolted out the door and the little boy went out after the dog,” Houseman said.

“The big brother said, ‘Hey, Mama, little brother just ran out the door.’ Mama was in pursuit. She did the usual, what I call ‘mother perimeter check,’ and then she called us.”

It wasn’t clear how the door got open.

Police were dispatched to search for a naked child wandering in the street.

Officers soon found the boy and the dog on Alice Drive, about a block north of their home, Houseman said.

“They called the mother and offered to walk the child to her,” he said.

“She said, ‘Oh, my God,’ and started walking, and our officers started walking. She was ecstatic to get her child and the dog back.”

“It ended well,” Houseman said.

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