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Biloxi: We told Boosie to pick up his jewelry. He didn’t.

Boosie Badazz says his gold jewelry turned up Wednesday only because he sent lawyers to the city, but a city spokesman says Boosie knew Tuesday the jewelry was ready for pickup after it had been impounded during arrests.

“They didn’t show (Tuesday),” city spokesman Vincent Creel said of Boosie representatives, “but apparently decided to take to the internet to impugn the police department.”

Boosie first accused officers Tuesday on his Instagram account of stealing his jewelry. He has 3.9 million followers.

Biloxi police Lt. Chris De Back said the city is arranging for pickup of Boosie’s gold necklaces, watches and bracelets, which were in a suitcase in an impounded Mercedes bus. Police also found a stolen gun and a small bag of marijuana in the bus impounded Sunday after a melee at Edgewater Mall.

A Dillard’s loss-prevention officer and a Biloxi police officer suffered minor injuries during the fight outside the south entrance of Dillard’s. The fight started after the loss-prevention officer asked Boosie and his crew to leave the store, then pepper sprayed them, video shows.

The assault suspects drove away in the Mercedes bus, police say.

Police stopped the bus a few miles away, arresting five men in Boosie’s crew on charges of simple assault on a police officer, a felony. The driver was arrested on a charge of carrying a stolen gun.

Creel said police followed routine procedure when they impounded the van and its contents

“Everything was inventoried,” he said. “(Police) even had video from their body cams. Everything was done by the book. The people who were arrested were notified of how they could retrieve the rightfully owned property.”

Creel said video from body cameras will not be released while the assault investigation is pending.

Boosie, whose given name is Torrence Hatch, claimed Wednesday in an Instagram video his jewelry turned up only because he sent lawyers to the city. He said the city had claimed it did not have the jewelry.

“Now they done found my jewelry,” he said. “This is crazy, man. This is crazy, man. Biloxi, this is crazy. This is evil. This is theft. Now all the sudden you want to hand it over when the lawyers get there?”

He has been ending written posts with a hashtag: #nomobiloxi