Harrison County

One of those times when ‘thank you’ hardly seems enough

A Hallmark card hardly seemed sufficient to thank B.J. Sellers for his generosity.

So Mendon Woodcock called the Sun Herald. He wanted everyone to know what Sellers had done for his mother, a cancer patient. More important, he wanted to find a special way to say, “Thank you.”

Woodcock worked at Sellers’ company, GeoPave, for two or three years beginning in 2010. Sellers was someone who demonstrated his faith and love of family through actions rather than words.

The two men kept in touch. Sellers knew Woodcock’s mother had cancer. Sellers sent Woodcock encouraging Bible verses almost daily and regularly checked in to see how his mother, 55-year-old Linda Mecomber, was doing.

In September, Mecomber had thought she was having a stroke when she suddenly became dizzy, disoriented and weak. Instead, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Eventually, she needed a wheelchair to leave the house. But the side yard was washed out and filled with ruts. Pine-tree roots had buckled and cracked the driveway in the front yard, which slanted sharply downhill.

Woodcock called Sellers, hoping to buy some reclaimed asphalt so he could fashion a makeshift driveway.

Sellers said he would take care of it. Woodcock thought Sellers might send out a couple of men with shovels to lay down some gravel, which would have been an improvement.

Imagine Woodcock’s surprise when he drove up to the house a couple of weeks ago and a 12-man crew was working in his mother’s yard. They had a backhoe, two tractor-trailers and a paver. The crew laid a nice, flat asphalt drive beside the house, with a small ramp connected to the concrete porch.

Now Mecomber’s husband, Allen, can roll her wheelchair outside without fear the ruts will tip her over. She also doesn’t have to leave 10 or 15 minutes early just to get to the truck.

It’s one less load on her mind. Radiation treatments mean she tires easily. She’s short of breath and experiencing other symptoms from her illness and treatment.

“I’m very grateful,” she said. “It was a blessing. It’s made it very much easier to get in my truck and go to the appointments.”

Her son said, “Just from our family, we can’t thank him enough. I hope he’s blessed one day as much as he’s blessed us.”

Yes, thank you, B.J. Sellers, not only from Linda Mecomber and her family but from all of us whose hearts your generosity has lifted.

Anita Lee: 228-896-2331, @calee99