Harrison County

Update: Dispatcher lines back up in Long Beach — after 9 hours down


Dispatcher lines to Long Beach police and fire departments are working again after nine hours of being down.

“It was a long nine hours,” Police Chief Wayne McDowell said.

And it doesn’t appear that police and firefighters missed any emergency calls, he said.

Earlier Tuesday, McDowell gave the media two alternative numbers for the public to use until the city’s telephone-service provider, AT&T, fixed a problem.

The dispatch number is 228-863-7292. Calls to that number were being dropped, and were not rolling over to alternate numbers, McDowell said. It didn’t affect 911 and special assistance for the deaf and others with disabilities.

Should anyone need them, the alternate numbers for police and fire are 228-863-7298 or 228-863-7494.

Robin Fitzgerald: 228-896-2307, @robincrimenews