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Remember that Nic Cage movie shot in Biloxi? You can watch it now

Nicholas Cage stars in ‘Arsenal,’ which was shot in Biloxi in 2016.
Nicholas Cage stars in ‘Arsenal,’ which was shot in Biloxi in 2016.

A movie filmed in Biloxi last summer has been released on some pay-per-view and digital streaming platforms.

The film known as “Southern Fury” was released Jan. 6, but it’s now called “Arsenal,” which is the second time the title has been changed. It was originally known as “Philly Fury.”

It stars Adrian Grenier and Jonathon Schaech as brothers, John Cusack as a police officer and Nicolas Cage as the villain.

It was produced by Randall Emmett for Emmett Furla Oasis Films, the company that produced last summer’s Bruce Willis action thriller, “Precious Cargo,” also shot on the Coast. “Precious Cargo” is available on pay-for-view platforms.

“Arsenal” was filmed in several locations along the Coast including MGM Park, Howard Avenue and Slap Ya Momma’s Smokehouse & BBQ.

Several locals were used as extras, including musicians Rochelle Harper and Gary “Boz” Boswell.

“Arsenal” has been panned by several critics, including Joe Leydon, film critic for Variety.

Leydon said the following about Cage’s performance: “Decked out in a putty nose, a bad wig, and a fake mustache that resembles an exhausted caterpillar, Cage plays a mood-swinging, coke-addled crime boss with the same manic gusto that lately has distinguished his work in scads of other easy-paycheck misadventures.”