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Dad of teen mauled by pit bull faces no charges over GoFundMe account

Jaxon Ronsonet is shown with his mother, Tiffany, and younger brother, Bentley, in happier times.
Jaxon Ronsonet is shown with his mother, Tiffany, and younger brother, Bentley, in happier times.

The father of a Biloxi teenager mauled by a pit bull faces no charges over a drained GoFundMe account that had raised $8,000.31 for Jaxon Ronsonet’s medical expenses.

Tiffany Ronsonet had reported her estranged husband, Warren “Rosco” Ronsonet, had taken out all of the money except for 31 cents, and disappeared with their car.

“We’ve looked at every law possible and can’t find anything to charge him with,” Biloxi police Lt. Christopher De Back said.

Jaxson and his 5-year-old brother, Bentley, were attacked by a neighbor’s dog Nov. 10. Jaxon lifted his brother onto the top of a trash can, hoping to spare him further injury, and the dog turned on Jaxon. His brother needed stitches.

Jaxon also required stitches, and lost his left leg after it became infected.

De Back and Detective Grandver Everett said they learned Tiffany Ronsonet had called the front desk at the police department Thursday night, leaving a complaint about the GoFundMe account and missing car.

She also told the Sun Herald she and Jaxon had no way to return home after his Friday discharge from Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

The mother found transportation.

Jaxon returned Friday to their home on Shady Lane. He had been hospitalized for 30 days.

Police have no reason to believe Rosco Ronsonet committed fraud by taking money from the GoFundMe account, Everett said.

“His name was on the account,” Everett said.

“It was a joint account. No crime has been committed from what we can tell.”

He also has a right to use the car, Everett said.

People who read the news became concerned about transportation to get Jaxon home. Some of the mother’s Facebook friends offered to help.

And two people called the Sun Herald, offering their help.

John Cattala of Golden Golf Limo of Biloxi offered to send a chauffer and a limosine.

“I’m not trying to get publicity over this,” Catalla said. “It’s the least I can do.”

A Gulfport woman, who asked not to be identified, also offered to pick them up.

“I don’t know them, but it’s the right thing to do,” she said.

The Sun Herald was unable to reach Tiffany Ronsonet by phone Friday. But she responded to the offers of a ride in a Facebook comment.

“Thank you so much for the offer, but transportation has been arranged and it is too late to cancel because they are en route to the hospital now.”

Biloxi resident Martha Broussard describes how a dog that was staying at her home attacked brothers Bentley Fontan, 5, and Jaxon Ronsonet, 15, on November 10, 2016. Ronsonet's injuries were so serious that he had to be lifted to Ochsner Medical Ce

The pit bull has been euthanized.

The Ronsonets’ neighbor Martha Broussard had been keeping the dog, Cleo, for one of her sons. Broussard, a grandmother, told the Sun Herald the boys knew the dog.

She said the boys were playing in the side yard and she warned them she was about to let Cleo out. Broussard said she threw two sticks out for the dog. She said she warned the boys to get back but they came toward the dog, and Cleo began to attack the younger brother first.

That’s when Jaxon hoisted his brother out of harm’s way and took the brunt of the dog’s force. Broussard said the dog latched onto one of Jaxon’s legs. Another neighbor used a shovel to stop the attack.