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Pit bull will be euthanized after attack on boys in Biloxi

Cleo will be euthanized Tuesday because there was no record of rabies shots for the pit bull-terrier mix, who attacked two boys Thursday in Biloxi.
Cleo will be euthanized Tuesday because there was no record of rabies shots for the pit bull-terrier mix, who attacked two boys Thursday in Biloxi.

Cleo the pit bull will be euthanized Tuesday at the Humane Society of South Mississippi, development manager Katie King confirmed Monday morning.

Cleo attacked two brothers Thursday at their neighbor’s home on Shady Lane, seriously injuring 5-year-old Bentley Fontan and critically injuring his brother, 15-year-old Jaxon Ronsonet.

Jaxon’s father, Rosco Ronsonet, told the Sun Herald on Monday that the family is waiting to find out whether Jaxon will be able to keep his left leg, which the dog shredded. Jaxon is in the intensive care unit at Ochsner’s Medical Center in New Orleans. He is scheduled to have his third surgery Friday.

His mother, Tiffany Ronsonet, said Jaxon is in a good bit of pain, but doctors are keeping it under control with medication.

“His spirits are down because he is still unsure whether he is going to lose his leg,” she said. “They’re doing everything they can to save his leg, but right now it’s a wait-and-see situation.”

She said the dog should not have been in the front yard without being on a leash. Cleo, she said, had previously gotten loose, threatening the landlord on one occasion and her husband on another. Her husband, she said, fought off the dog with a baseball bat.

Cleo must be euthanized, King said, because there is no record of rabies shots. She said the Mississippi State Department of Health in Jackson will be in charge of rabies testing.

Cleo’s sitter, Martha Broussard, said she let the dog out of its kennel after returning from the grocery store. Jaxon and Bentley, visiting next door at their grandmother’s house, were playing in the side yard but came around front while Broussard threw sticks to Cleo.

Cleo latched onto Bentley’s behind. His big brother hefted Bentley over a trash can and was kicking at Cleo, who started biting Jaxon on the legs and would not stop. Broussard pounded Cleo with a rake handle, then the metal end of a shovel.

Biloxi resident Martha Broussard describes how a dog that was staying at her home attacked brothers Bentley Fontan, 5, and Jaxon Ronsonet, 15, on November 10, 2016. Ronsonet's injuries were so serious that he had to be lifted to Ochsner Medical Ce

The dog did not let up for about 15 minutes, when Broussard was able to grab Cleo and return her to her cage. Broussard was tending to Cleo for one of her sons.

Because of the severity of his injuries, Jaxon was flown to New Orleans for treatment. Bentley is home with his aunt, but has stitches in his behind and the top of his left foot, which was sliced open from his big toe to his ankle.

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses. Rosco Ronsonet is a construction worker, while wife Tiffany Ronsonet works at a grocery store.

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