Hancock County

Coroner: Deaths of 2 men in Hancock County unusual, unrelated

A woman found her husband dead after sleeping with him overnight in a Wal-Mart parking lot in one of two recent unusual deaths, Coroner Jim Faulk said.

Bobby Carden, 73, of Bay St. Louis, and his wife had bought groceries at the Waveland Wal-Mart about 10 a.m. Thursday. She called to report he was dead about 4:48 p.m. Friday, Faulk said.

“The wife said she thought he had fallen asleep so she stayed there and slept with him overnight in the Wal-Mart parking lot,” he said. “The next day, the wife reported she tried to wake him up and realized he was dead.”

Authorities found a Wal-Mart grocery receipt in their vehicle and food in the bed of the pickup and inside the truck,” Faulk said.

Carden had a heart bypass in 1998 and was diabetic, Faulk said.

“It’s likely the cause of death was a heart attack,” he said.

In the other death, Jeffrey Rose, 71, was found dead in his vehicle along with his dead dog Saturday at his home on Lakeshore Road, Faulk said.

Family members had not seen or heard from him in two days, the coroner said.

Rose was in his driveway.

“The car windows were rolled up and his puppy was dead in the floorboard because of the heat,” Faulk said.

Faulk said it’s likely Rose died of natural causes. Faulk said he has asked for Rose’s medical records from the Veterans Administration Hospital.

“It was both unusual circumstances in the deaths,” Faulk said.

“Seems like unusual things just run in cycles sometimes. There were these deaths and then the death of an elderly man struck by a car as he got out of his vehicle to stretch his legs on Interstate 10 Friday night.”

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