Hancock County

He pulled over to stretch his legs. Then he was hit by a car.


The pedestrian killed Friday night on Interstate 10 apparently had gotten out of his vehicle to stretch his legs when he was struck by a car, Coroner Jim Faulk said.

Gloric Lymon, 75, of Donaldson, Ga., was traveling with his wife, who has said he would stop on long drives and walk a while to stretch his legs, Jim Faulk said.

Lymon was killed in an eastbound lane near Exit 2 about 8 p.m.

Lymon had pulled over in the right-hand emergency lane and was struck while walking in a left lane, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Lymon’s wife had dozed off but woke up as he was hit, Faulk said.

Lymon died instantly, he said.

He was struck by Edith Simmons of Houston, Texas, MHP spokesman Chase Elkins said.

Simmon, driving a 2009 Mercedes, was taken to Hancock Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Authorities at first had no idea how it had happened.

His wife had dozed off and woke up as it happened, Faulk said.

“I talked to his wife the next day, and she said he had restless legs or something similar, and he’d just pull over on trips to walk a bit when his legs were bothering him,” Faulk said.

Justin Mitchell, Sun Herald web producer, contributed to this report.

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