Hancock County

Hancock sheriff vows to crack down on golf cart thefts

wmuller@sunherald.com File

Hancock County deputies arrested a Kiln man involved in the recent theft of two golf carts, Sheriff Ricky Adam said.

Adam said Damian Cuevas, 33, was arrested Thursday on a possession of stolen property charge. He is on probation with the state Department of Corrections.

Adam said the Sheriff’s Office received a report of two stolen golf carts at McLeod State Park on Wednesday morning.

“We began checking various videos from local businesses and other areas,” Adam said. “We were able to determine who the suspect was and what type of vehicle he was driving.”

Cuevas was found at a camp site in the park, but the golf carts were gone.

One of the golf carts was later found at a home on Bell Creek Road in Harrison County, as was another golf cart stolen a few months ago, Adam said.

Cuevas was arrested without incident and booked at the Hancock County Jail.

The second golf cart stolen Tuesday has yet to be recovered, Adam said.

“We have been seeing an increase in these types of thefts,” the sheriff said. “Golf carts are soft targets because they can be loaded and transported easily. They are also very valuable. These types of golf carts are selling for about $5,000.”

Adam said Hancock County is not alone in dealing with stolen golf carts. He said several carts were stolen recently in Pearl River and Harrison counties.

“We are cracking down, not only on the thieves, but on those who are in possession or trying to sell them,” Adam said. “If anyone has any information on any of these thefts, we ask that they call us. We will prosecute to the fullest.”