Hancock County

Coroner releases autopsy findings in death of Hancock war vet



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HANCOCK COUNTY -- Initial autopsy findings released Thursday in the investigation into the death of 27-year-old Alex Toups are unremarkable, coroner Jim Faulk said, likely pointing to an alcohol or drug-related cause of death.

"There's nothing visible inside or outside that would've killed him, so it has to be chemical," Faulk said. "It has to be in the tox (screen)."

He said the Iraq War veteran was in otherwise good health.

The toxicology results from Toups' blood samples should be available in about two to three weeks.

Toups was found dead Sunday afternoon in a small body of water in the Lakeshore community.

He and a friend had been hanging out in the area Saturday night. The friend went to sleep, woke up and thought Toups had gone home, Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass said.

He had been "partying and drinking heavily with a friend the night before," Bass said.

Teenagers were shooting guns in a marshy area and noticed the body abut 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

Sheriff's investigators have found no signs of foul play related to Toups' death.