Hancock County

Egg challenge or wet T-shirt contest? Coast boss wasn’t expecting Facebook comments

The latest viral video challenge has hit the Coast, and a business owner wasn’t ready for the response his photo would receive on Facebook.

The Egg Challenge invites people to comment on someone’s Facebook status update. If the status receives enough comments — usually at least 300 — the person who made the status promises to throw eggs on someone or take a lashing from cracked shells themselves.

The videos can be seen all over YouTube and other social media.

John Brogdon hadn’t heard of the Egg Challenge.

The 36-year-old owns Professional Solutions Company International (PSCI), a company that specializes in federal service contracts. PSCI currently provides support and services to Department of Homeland Security and NASA. His employees work in call centers at Stennis Space Center in Hancock County.

Brogdon said he was laying in bed at home in Pass Christian last week when a group text of some of his 26 employees asking if they could egg him if they got enough support on social media.

“ I told them, ‘You guys do whatever the hell you want, it doesn’t matter to me,’” Brodgon said.

In just a few hours, there were over 900 comments on the photo. Chelsea Schoonmaker, who posted the status, deleted the repetitive comments as part of the deal with Brogdon, more than 750 remained.

“I don’t know what I got myself into,” Brogdon said.

Some of the comments, while contributing to Brodgon’s demise from, also noted his appearance.

Brodgon is tall, dark and handsome. He has muscles to boot.

One commenter even said to forget about the eggs — she wanted to see him in a wet T-shirt contest.

Brogdon will honor his word on Fat Tuesday. Several of his employees will each get a half-dozen eggs and will pummel him outside his office near Stennis Space Center.

Sorry ladies, Brogdon isn’t going shirtless and isn’t doing a wet T-shirt contest. But he is single.