Hancock County

Bobcats spotted in Bay St. Louis. Police offer tips to stay safe.

Bobcats have been spotted near Webb St., Chantilly Terrace and Old Alcan Cable.
Bobcats have been spotted near Webb St., Chantilly Terrace and Old Alcan Cable. Courtesy Gisele Bradley

Bay St. Louis Police Chief Gary Ponthieux on Friday announced that the department has received reports of bobcat activity in the area.

“We would like to take this opportunity to provide some information about this issue to help our residents and visitors understand the urban wildlife,” Ponthieux said in the release.

“You may see or encounter a bobcat, a coyote or fox in the city of Bay St. Louis. You can report any sightings to the Bay St. Louis Police Animal Control Officer at dnecaise@baystlouis-ms.gov.

“Accurate and timely reporting of sightings is the best way residents can assist us in addressing this issue and the appropriate course of action. An animal control officer will respond to emergency animal calls in areas around people, especially children, such as parks or schools or anytime there is an attack or aggressive behavior towards (sic) people or pets.”

The Bay St. Louis Police Department released the following list of precautions:

  • Never feed bobcats, coyotes or any other wildlife

  • Keep pets, especially cats and small dogs, and pet food inside

  • If feeding outside, feed pets during the day and remove the food bowls when finished

  • Stay close to your pet when taking them outdoors and always keep them on a leash

  • Bag food wastes such as meat scraps or leftover pet food

  • Keep trash in containers with tight-fitting lids

Anyone in need of assistance from an animal control officer can contact Bay St. Louis Central Dispatch at 228-255-9191 or through email at dnecaise@baystlouis-ms.gov.

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