Hancock County

Thief at Jourdan River Steamer pulls a disappearing act, surveillance video shows

When Hank Plauche checked the surveillance footage of the Jourdan River Steamer after his leaf blower went missing, he probably didn't expect to see what he found.

"Invisible cloth, like Harry Potter," is what he posted on the restaurant's Facebook page with the video, showing the suspect becoming almost transparent at one point.

"It's weird because in a different video, I see a black cat in that exact spot, but you can see the cat clearly," Plauche, the owner of the restaurant, said.

Plauche said the thief took a Husqvarna backpack leaf blower that belongs to him, not the restaurant. He also said it happened May 24, around 4 a.m.

"I just thought it was weird more than anything," he said.

The Jourdan River Steamer reopened at the beginning of 2018 after closing in 2012 when Hurricane Isaac passed through South Mississippi.