Hancock County

Missing man’s truck found. He’s still gone.

Gary Hope, 60, of Waveland is still missing after officials found his truck in Harrison County Thursday.
Gary Hope, 60, of Waveland is still missing after officials found his truck in Harrison County Thursday.

Authorities in Harrison County found a vehicle Thursday belonging to local resident Gary Hope, but he was nowhere to be found, officials said Friday.

Hope, who lives on Bayou Lacroix Road in Waveland, has not been seen or heard from since July 20.

Hancock County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Don Bass said Friday that Hope's vehicle, a 2004 Ford-F-150, was found in the De Soto National Park in northern Harrison County.

Bass said a full examination of the vehicle will be performed to see if authorities can obtain any additional clues as to how it got there and who may have been in it.

Hope, 60, has lived and worked in Hancock County for many years, officials said.

Last week, family and friends filed a missing person's report after Hope did not show up for work and attempts to contact him failed.

Hope's boss said Saturday that Hope was a "great" employee who rarely missed work and always stayed in contact with co-workers.

Hope has not been at work since July 20, and he did not pick up his paycheck last week.

Hope's daughter, who is outside the country, said her father has never gone missing like this before.

"It is not like him at all," she said. "We talk all the time, and he has never gone off alone without telling anyone."

In the past two weeks, family, friends, and police have all attempted to contact Hope via telephone and social media, but to no avail, officials said.

Earlier this week, Bass said, authorities believed Hope could be in the St. Tammany Parish area, but the discovery of his vehicle in north Harrison County is a new twist.

"We have had a few leads, but this is a different direction," Bass said. "We are trying to figure out where he went and who he may have been with."

Bass said authorities are checking phone and bank records for additional clues.

Anyone with information about Hope's whereabouts can call Hancock County Central Dispatch at 228-255-9191.