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Why Mike Favre won’t debate with Les Fillingame before runoff

Les Fillingame, left, and Mike Favre
Les Fillingame, left, and Mike Favre

Democratic mayoral candidate Mike Favre has declined incumbent Mayor Les Fillingame’s invitation to debate before the May 16 runoff election.

Fillingame on Wednesday announced a change of strategy for his campaign after Tuesday’s primary election, and offered an “open invitation” for a debate with Favre before the runoff.

Fillingame got 1,032 votes to Favre’s 1,009. Favre and Filingame also faced Rachael Ramsey, who collected 166 votes.

Thursday, Favre responded on Facebook to Fillingame’s request, saying “Thank you, but no thank you.”

Debating Fillingame in the two weeks before the runoff would be counterproductive, the post said.

“I intend to spend my final campaign time speaking to our citizens directly, face to face, discussing ideas of change and positive solutions to the challenges we face,” Favre said.

He said he was more concerned about talking about what Bay residents thought was important than what Fillingame wanted to discuss.

“There is just no reason to create a public spectacle of grown men arguing, as we have had more than enough negative media attention and it is high time we focused our attention on bringing our great city into a positive media spotlight.”

The winner of the runoff election will face Republican Jeff Harding in the general election June 6.

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