George County

Coast brothers create viral throwback video for their high school alma mater

From throwback hits and bell bottoms, to classic cars, you can find it in this George County High School lip dub video created by Jaron and Kyle Churchwell.

If you’re wondering what a lip dub is, it’s a type of music video that combines lip synching with audio mixing, or dubbing.

The brothers own a production company called Coast Media Productions. They were looking for their next creative project when the idea for the video was developed.

“We usually do a lot of promotional and wedding videos. So when I spoke with my brother Jaron and my girlfriend about what we should do next, we all agreed that a decades-themed video would be cool,” said Kyle. “So we pitched it to a few schools and George County High School gave us the ‘yes’ we needed.”

They discussed their vision for the video with the school, and were surprised to find the homecoming committee had already planned a throwback day during spirit week.

“This was perfect for us. This meant that the students would already be dressed up in their costumes, and we could shoot the video around spirit week” said Kyle.

Although the costumes were good to go, they still had to figure out where they were going to find the props.

“As we were thinking about props from each decade, we got a phone call from the school saying that one of the teachers owned an old school Volkswagen van and he was willing to let us use it in the video. That was such great news,” said Jaron.

“We really can’t thank the teachers and administrators at George County High School enough, especially Stephanie Long and Wade Whitney. They helped us bring our vision to life in a major way” said Jaron.

This opportunity was even more fulfilling to the Churchwell brothers because both Kyle and Jaron graduated from George County High.

“It was truly a full circle moment” said Kyle. “Being able to return to our high school, the place where we actually learned about lip dubs, was very satisfying.”

The video has more than 158,000 views on Facebook, and nearly 4,000 shares. The Churchwell brothers are very pleased with the success, and they hope this will lead to them working with more schools in the future.

“We really enjoyed working on the project” said Jaron. “Some people may think it’s a distraction to the students, but we believe activities like this give students something to look forward to, and an opportunity to tap into their creativity.”

To see more of their work, check out their Facebook page

Britneé Davis is McClatchy’s South Region Digital Producer. The south region includes the Sun Herald, the Telegraph, and the Ledger-Enquirer.