Man injured in explosion identified

Relatives of Dale Ray have identified him as the man seriously injured in an explosion Thursday on Saucier Lane.

Ray was airlifted to the University of South Alabama Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

Nolan Saucier, who owns and lives on the property, said he was shocked to get a phone call saying one of his wife's relatives had come on their property and was injured in an explosion.

Saucier said Ray was known for selling items to make money and could have been using a welding torch to cut live rounds for scrap metal. Ray had lived on the property at various times in a small camper, but Saucier said he didn't know Ray had gone on the property Thursday.

On Friday morning, Saucier was trying to ignore occasional onlookers who were driving by. He said he had no idea that any dangerous activity was going on.

The Sun Herald updates this story as more details become available.